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Limmud Elements Leadership Training

Join Limmud Europe's first leadership training, followed by the first ever Limmud Luxembourg event

In the program:
- Leadership Diagnostic
- Limmud Bootcamp
- Vision circles
- Limmud Cafe
- Asset Mapping
and more... ...followed by the first ever Limmud Luxembourg

Limmud Europe returns with pan-European training for seasoned and emergent Limmud leaders. This time we will meet in Luxembourg on the eve of the first ever Limmud Luxembourg day event. The program will be an excellent opportunity to take a step back, dive deep into important questions, network and exchange best practices with other Limmud leaders.

Sessions will inclide:

**Limmud Leadership Diagnostic**
We will turn the room into a positive consultative group whose intelligence is mined in real time. Training participants choose a challenge they want to make progress on during the training as Limmud volunteers, one that they are willing to describe and discuss openly in the context of the training with the pthers. The purpose of the case consultation group work is twofold. First, it is designed to open up the presenter’s thinking on the problem, not to solve the problem. Second, it functions as a learning process for the group about change in a Limmud context.

**Community Vision Circles**
We will zoom forward into the future and create multiple scenarios for how things will unfold. The modality can be used in many different realms – from the personal to the professional to the communal. It stretches individuals to new places of creativity, is high energy and fast-paced, and often serves to increase the collective morale of the group.

**Asset Mapping**
A lightly facilitated framework which reveals the range of areas of work of the participants and the myriad of resources that the participants can offer each other to support their individual work. As one of the final exercises in a seminar, it sets a tone and practice of a cohort that is able to independently and collaboratively support each other beyond the seminar.

and more!

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Limmud Elements Participation fee is €50. Thanks to our parters, this is a subsidised rate, the overall cost of the programme would be €500. By completing this form you are agreeing to pay the participation fee. This covers meals (Friday dinner - Sunday lunch), 2 nights in shared rooms and admission to Limmud Luxembourg. Financial assistance for travel is available. If you would like to upgrade to a single room, the additional cost is €110 for the the 2 nights.
Participation fee does not cover insurance.