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The last time we were able to gather together was in February 2020, as last year’s event was an online event. Although we of course did a
great deal of learning in last year’s event as well, I felt something was missing, and I suspect others felt this too. The thing that was missing
was of course… well, us. We didn’t have the five minute coffee discussions that bring a sense of community, or the quick ‘hi, how are you’
in a passing context. This year we have that again, may we have the wisdom to take advantage of it and enjoy each others’ presence and company.
We have done our best to bring the Jewish world to you - music, knowledge, talent and discussions. Welcome, welcome, welcome!

The seventh edition of Limud Helsinki took place on 13-15 May 2022. Limud is a celebration of Jewish culture, creativity and learning like no other. It is based on the idea that everyone should be a student and anyone can be a teacher. Limud is a global community committed to a unique combination of principles and values including learning, teaching, volunteerism, diversity and respect. At Limud there is room for every subject – art, spirituality, philosophy, music, food and more.

Limud Helsinki presenters included experts in a very varied range of topics and of course many interesting personalities… Limud is open to all, and everyone is encouraged to have a voice and share their ideas in a respectful, pluralistic setting. The programs consisted of a combination of talks by experts, lectures by laypeople, discussions, musical and art, entertainment and other activities.

Limud Helsinki 2022 took place just after the worst outbreaks of the Covid-19 pandemic, and thankfully it was able to be a completely “normal” event, with direct participation and live artistic performances.

The objective of the conference was to get active participation of as many Jewish people and people interested in Jewish topics as possible. When a person starts thinking about their cultural heritage and identity, they very quickly start making
these topics more central in their life. We saw this happening at our event this year, and we are truly thrilled to be able to be a part of that process.

Limmud Helsinki was the first of a series of events organized under the project Memory Futures, co-financed by the European Commission. A special Memory Futures programmatic track offered especially innovative, engaging and thought- provoking sessions every hour, presented by diverse speakers from all over Europe. The entire program was noted by participants as excellent, stimulating and really brought the best of the Jewish world to Helsinki and Finland.