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Limmud Baltics in a New Formula

Limmud Baltics and Limmud Europe are coming together to offer an event in a new formula.

Limmud Baltics emerged as a new event concept in early 2017. At that time a team of 8 enthusiasts met in Riga in order to invent something which was not done before on that scale. We came up with an idea of a fully volunteer-organized event dedicated to Jewish culture, education, and tradition.

The conference Limmud Baltics in the Woods is in many ways a culmination of many years of our work. It is the first big Limmud event after the Covid19 freeze. The program will reflect three very important aspects of social Jewish life in Baltic states - transformation of the past into the future, merge environmental concerns into modern Jewish life and the value of volunteerism as integral to rebuilding healthy and democratic Jewish communities in the Baltic states. We will examine the importance of European memory in imagining the future.

Limmud Baltics in the Woods will comprize a series of activities between 19th and 22nd of August 2022.

It will take place place in Pühajarve and Tallinn (Estonia). We invite you to lectures, discussion panels, movie screening, concerts, and craft master classes. One of the most important concepts the programming team worked on is “Memory Futures”. They aimed to set certain
questions and try to answers them:
● How Jewish history might help to understand political processes nowadays?
● What is the modern European Jewish identity?
● How and why Jewish history is exploited by modern propaganda to suppress other nations?

These and other questions helped to identify the issues in modern Jewish society in Europe and globally, which will be addressed during the event.