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5 countries, 4 parallel tracks, 3 days of Jewish learning and connecting, 2 wineries, 1 river

Experiencing issues? → Whatsapp +48 507 609 229 (Magda)

LimmudRhine is a three-day evening programme full of history, culture, stories, language and much more discovering Rhineland Judaism yesterday, today and tomorrow! What is Rhine/Rhineland Judaism? Where does it come from and what role has it played in broader Jewish history? What are the current challenges and opportunities and how will it evolve in the decades to come? What do we speak? What do we eat and drink? What makes us distinctive? Are we different?

26-28 November 2022 (evenings, starting with Havdalah)

Your very own shtieblach (i.e. in your own home, on Zoom)
Specifically here:

You! And many more Jews and their friends from across the Rhine Region (France, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and the
Netherlands) and beyond! Sessions will be multilingual with interpretation
into different languages.

Magda +48 507 609 229 (Whatsapp)
Peter ++36 20 579 1920 (Whatsapp)

The event is part of our Memory Futures series supported by the European Union.

The project “Memory Futures'' was inspired by research examining the role of memory in imagination and future thinking. Recent neurological and neuropsychological studies reveal striking similarities between remembering the past and imagining or simulating the future, including that the same part of our brain is responsible for both our memory and for dreaming and imagination. It is not only true that the more we can remember the more we can understand, but also that the more we remember, the more creative and bold we can be when anticipating the future. Conversely, as studies of amnesia patients indicate, the inability to remember the past results in an inability to imagine or anticipate the future. Remembrance, therefore, is a crucial prerequisite of imagining our common future in Europe and the future of the European Jewish community.